Where to Find UFOs in Fortnite – Map of All Saucer Locations

UFOs, fan-favorite vehicles, have returned in Fortnite for Flying Objects Weekend! In Fortnite, here’s where you may discover a UFO.

There is a lot of material in Fortnite. So much so that Epic Games is continually adjusting what is and isn’t accessible. Some cars and goods are vaulted while others, either new or ancient, become accessible.

And, once again, a vehicle has gotten unvaulted, enabling all players to control an unknown flying item.

The iconic UFO vehicle, also known as the Saucer, has made a comeback to Fortnite, indicating that even aliens like the game.

What exactly is a UFO / Saucer in Fortnite?

The UFO, or Saucer as Epic Games refers to it, is a flying spacecraft that can shoot energy balls and kidnap anything underneath it.

Don’t worry if this looks strange to you. Players may charge up and shoot an energy ball by using the left click (or right trigger). It causes little damage to adversaries and vehicles while pushing them back.

While pressing the right-click (or left trigger), the Saucer will latch onto and kidnap anyone underneath it, even opposing players. While dropping foes does not inflict fall damage, you may deliver harm by dropping things on unsuspecting victims.

Using the Saucer is straightforward, but locating one before other players is considerably more difficult. Fortunately, we know where to look for these UFOs.

All Fortnite UFO Locations
Northwest of Sleepy Sound, south of Logjam Lotus
The southeast corner of The Daily Bugle
Greasy Grove to the northeast
To the south of the Joneses
Chonker’s Speedway to the nort


You should start hunting for UFOs right now since they won’t be there for long. Because it is only accessible during Flying Object Weekend, the Saucers will depart around Monday.

The UFOs in Fortnite are difficult to ignore. They’re big grey and purple cars. If you want to see the Saucer in action, check out the picture below.

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