Where is Lazy Lagoon in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, gamers will discover new regions and nameless landmarks, one of which is the Lazy Lagoon POI. This location is situated on the map’s northeastern edge. The fan-favorite Daily Bugle POI was deleted from the game, and Lazy Lagoon was added in its stead. Here’s all you need to know about hot-dropping at this new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 location.

Where can I locate Lazy Lagoon in Fortnite?

The Lazy Lagoon POI is situated on the northeast edge of the map, precisely where the Daily Bugle used to be, and it is crawling with opponents. The Lazy Lagoon POI is located north of the Sanctuary POI and east of Coney Crossroads. To get the precise position of the Lazy Lagoon POI in Fortnite, use the map reference above.

This POI is teeming with Reality Saplings and high-tier treasure, making it ideal for team hot-drops. A massive ship can be found in the middle of the POI, and we suggest landing on it since there is lots of stuff inside. However, the ship’s innards may be perplexing, making it a great hiding place for campers. At the Lazy Lake POI, players will also locate a Cannon, which can be used to fire at opponents from a distance.

Players will also come across the Blackheart NPC at the Lazy Lagoon POI. Interact with him to get a free consumable item. The area around the structures is surrounded by water, which means players can jump into the lake to avoid fall damage. You will also find several key items like the Impulse Grenade, Grapple Glove, Shockwave Grenades, and more at this POI.

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