What is mantling Fortnite – Instructions for Mantling and Mantle

What is mantling and mantle Fortnite: Instructions for Mantling – Fast Guide

Get up on those walls and hide, you looper!

Epic Games included a new gameplay mechanism called “mantling” in Fortnite. To make up for the lack of construction, loopers resorted to mantling to increase height by ascending to higher surfaces, such as ledges and rooftops. Despite the return of the construction feature, the mantling mechanic remains in Fortnite. Fortnite veterans may recall a mantling boot camp from early in Season 2 of the game when Chapter 3 was introduced. Mantling in Fortnite is quite straightforward, but if you’re new to the season, here’s a brief primer.

What is mantling Fortnite – How to use 

In Fortnite Chapter 3, players will be able to do a new parkour-style move called “mantling.” This move involves the player’s character grabbing onto a ledge or the top of a structure and pulling oneself up.

Make sure the surface you intend to mantle onto is within reach before attempting to do so. To cover more territory, you may always attempt sprinting first and then jumping and mantling. However, ledges and roofs higher than one story are impractical to mantle up to.

How to Mantle Fortnite – How to use 

In Fortnite, all you have to do to the mantle is leap towards a ledge while holding down the jump button, and you’ll automatically be in the position to do so. After you have landed safely on the structure, cliff, or vehicle that you were jumping at, you should pull yourself up onto it.
The ledge you’re aiming to reach should, of course, be within your reachable height range, which is often one to two storeys high on a building. It is advisable that you run before attempting to mantle so that you may cover more ground when jumping.


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