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Walmart Land Roblox – Two New Experiences Metaverse

Walmart Land Roblox – Experiences Metaverse – Walmart Land and Universe of Play

Two new Roblox experiences, dubbed “Walmart Land” and “Universe of Play,” have been revealed by Walmart. Roblox users may participate in live concerts, win fashion competitions, acquire new virtual products, play games with toys and characters, earn rewards from a blimp, and more in the virtual worlds designed for younger Walmart customers. Roblox users can also receive prizes from a blimp.

The island’s layout mimics the Walmart logo, with a central circle and six radial arms devoted to different topics and attractions. Roblox users can now visit a lively amusement park styled like Walmart, with a Ferris wheel, slides, beaches, and more, all in the form of Walmart Land Roblox.

At the moment, there are four sections or branches that do not contain any content and have signs that state “Coming Soon!” According to Walmart’s comments to TechCrunch, the different parts are known as “isles,” and one of them will go live in November. The other two are planned to go live at the beginning of 2023.

Tokens may be redeemed for “verch,” or virtual products, such as clothing, accessories, and electrical items like Skullcandy headphones and a selfie ring light, at the Hub Store, which is located in the center hub of the game. Players can visit the Hub Store with their tokens. When they check-in, players are given a bucket hat in the style of Walmart.

The center hub is also the location where prizes will be dropped down from a blimp. A timer at the very top of the screen counts down until the next drop. A monorail that takes players on a virtual world tour and provides them with an aerial perspective of everything is also included in the game.

Walmart’s Land – Walmart Land

Within Walmart Land is a location referred to as “House of Style” where gamers may go to demonstrate their flair for fashion. Players have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, such as the “Manicure Challenge,” in which they must match the colors of nail polish, and the “Strike a Pose” activity, in which they must copy the pose of a mannequin, and a photo booth, in which they can try on different outfits and take photos of their avatar. In addition to that, there is a roller skating rink and a cosmetic obstacle course.

At “Electric Island,” players may participate in the “Dance Off” challenge, enjoy live performances at “Electric Fest,” and play Netflix Trivia hosted by “Stranger Things” star Noah Schnapp.

Electric Fest

Walmart announced the “Electric Fest” for October. On Oct. 7, Madison Beer, Kane Brown, and YUNGBLUD will perform a motion-capture concert. Walmart’s “Electric Island” offers features that are comparable to those found on Spotify Island.

In Walmart Land’s  “DJ Booth Remix” game, players produce tracks by jumping on a keyboard that plays various notes.

Walmart’s Land – Universe of Play

Players of a considerably younger age range are intended for Walmart’s Universe of Play. Toys like L.O.L. Surprise! and Magic Mixies, as well as “Jurassic World” dino eggs and Razor scooters, are included in this compilation of famous children’s television shows and movies. Additionally, similar to the one in Walmart Land, a blimp will be present in Universe of Play.

In this realm, some of the challenges and activities include looking for dinosaur eggs that have gone missing, assisting the PAW Patrol team in the search for Mayor Goodway’s pet chicken Chickaletta, putting on a fashion show with your L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, and making a Magic Mixie. Players also have the option to ride a Razor scooter down a track suspended in the air.



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