Unvaulted Fortnite Junk Rift: Where To Get One And How It Works

Another weekly update brings another new weapon or item for you to enjoy in Fortnite, as we’ve come to anticipate, and this time around sees the return of a particularly fun utility item. The Junk Rift, which was first introduced in 2019, has been unvaulted to add a little additional mayhem to your battles. The Junk Rift, not to be confused with the Rift-To-Go, does not transport you anywhere, but it definitely leaves a mess wherever you use it. Continue reading to see how it works and where you can get one.

What are Junk Rifts and how do they work?

Junk Rifts are Epic level throwables found on the ground as well as in chests and supply drops.

While it has a similar name as the Rift-To-Go, which can transport you and your team into the sky to help in repositioning, the Junk Rift is not intended for personal usage. Instead, tossing it at a place will cause a gap in the sky above to open, allowing garbage to rain down on your opponents. You may be amazed by how much damage it can do!

The object that falls from the sky changes each time, but the damage and radius stay constant. If foes are trapped exactly underneath it, the impact will deal 200 damage. When the item falls, it creates a shockwave that causes 100 damage to anybody in its path.

If you’re in a terrible position, you can utilize the falling goods as cover, but the Junk Rift is mainly intended to be used to shatter other players’ cover, which means you can make fast work of those who have constructed sophisticated constructions or hunkered down in Port-a-Forts or buildings. Use it on bush campers to bring sheer pleasure into your life, and then top it off with a Laugh It Up emote.

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