Teen Titans x Fortnite: New Starfire skins, price, release date, leaks, and more

There could be a crossover between Fortnite and Teen Titans soon, and the leak points to Starfire skins.

The game’s long history of crossovers is one of the best things about it. Through a number of deals, Epic Games has built up a large library of licensed characters that players can take control of while competing in a Battle Royale. From Star Wars to Naruto, Fortnite has become a very profitable platform that not only helps Epic make money but also lets many businesses and artists advertise.

But any time people work together, there will be leaks about them. And new leaks have shown that Fortnite is going to work with another game in the near future.

After adding Dragon Ball and its many crossovers to Fortnite recently, many fans are wondering what Epic Games will add next. New leaks hint at a possible crossover between Teen Titans and Lord of the Rings.

Leaks have also shown that the new Fortnite Starfire crossover will be added to the game, which is adding to the excitement about a supposed collaboration between Fortnite and Teen Titans.

So, let’s find out what we know about the Teen Titans skins for Fortnite, like when they’ll be out, how much they’ll cost, and more.

Teen Titans and Fortnite crossover

Since Chapter 1: Season 4, there have been a lot of crossovers in Fortnite. Epic Games had the great idea to work with Marvel in the fourth season of Fortnite to promote the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. This was because the game’s popularity went through the roof between 2017 and 2018.

It not only helped them make more money, but also brought in a lot of new players who liked the idea of dressing up as their favorite game character. As a result, gaming characters like Naruto, Rick and Monty, and real-life celebrities like Loki, Ariana Grande, and more have all made cameos in Epic Games’ battle royale game Fortnite.

But the new leak is about a crossover between Fortnite and the Teen Titans game, which has been praised by critics.

Tom Henderson, a well-known and trusted insider in the industry, told the eXputer report that a new crossover between Fortnite and Teen Titans is in the works. Even though Epic Games hasn’t given any solid proof to back up these claims, it’s still worth looking into.

Fortnite x Teen Titans – Starfire skins

Fans may get to see some Teen Titans skins in Fortnite, as leakers have said that skins for a number of characters, including Starfire, will be in the game. Tom Henderson thinks the crossover will happen as soon as next week, but again, this is just speculation until Epic Games says otherwise.

When Tom Henderson talked about the crossover, he said, “Starfire from Teen Titans is set to make her first appearance in Fortnite on September 2. Even though it’s not clear if she was added for a special reason or if this is just a fun way to introduce her, it seems like a win for Teen Titans fans.”

Henderson said that since most new skins come with a bag or pickaxe, “we can only guess” what Starfire might get in the Fortnite x Teen Titans cosmetics. Even though the Starfire pickaxe and back bling in Fortnite are still a mystery, data miners are expected to start revealing more about them in the coming days.

Fortnite x Teen Titans crossover release date

Even though Fortnite dataminers always try to find new information, we don’t have any concrete information about when the Starfire skin might come out.

But leakers have said that the most likely date for the Fortnite x Teen Titans crossover to come out is September 2, 2022. The person who told the news said, “The release is in a week.”

This date could still change, though, because Epic could still run into problems while making the game.

Fortnite x Teen Titans skin price

Like the release date, the developers haven’t said anything about how much the Fortnite x Teen Titans crossover skins will cost. However, we can expect the prices to be similar to those of Epic’s other products, so experienced gamers shouldn’t be surprised.

But they haven’t been confirmed yet, and even people who know about leaks don’t know about this part.

Some of the characters in Fortnite are DC heroes like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and others. But Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg aren’t in the DC games. Other Teen Titans, like Beast Boy and Raven, do show up in the Fortnite Teen Titans Cup game, though. It’s not clear if these two will also be added to Fortnite after Starfire.

No one knows why it took Starfire a year to get back into Fortnite, but restructuring and layoffs at DC Comics could have caused some of the delays.

The reports are true, though, only if Epic Games says so. So, it’s best to wait until the official news comes out about the crossover between Fortnite and Teen Titans and the addition of the Starfire Fortnite skin. So don’t have too high of hopes.

Keep coming back for more Fortnite updates, which are on the way.


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