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Only official Roblox sources should be trusted. No external sources or Robux generators. Roblox’s youthful users shouldn’t utilize these sites. Avoid giving out personal information in questionnaires. You shouldn’t post personal information on non-Roblox sites.

Rbxgum.com is a website that promises Robux. When you arrive at the website, you will notice a Start button, and when you click it, you will be prompted to provide your Roblox login. You will not be prompted to enter your Roblox password (Side note – remember to never use your password anywhere except the official pages of Roblox.) Following that, you will see a new page informing you that completing surveys will earn you free Robux (R$).

You may come across many coupon codes online through YouTube videos or other websites, however, they are all bogus. I attempted to use a promo code, and the website said “Successfully Redeemed 1R$,” but there was no such increase in my Roblox account.

Rbxgum Codes ACTIVE:

  • Natablox
  • Maaarko
  • 2inrbx
  • Z4M1R3
  • Bytomi
  • Bosstoni

The Roblox Terms and Conditions prohibit the sale, trading, or giving away of Robux outside of established channels. We do not recognize or accept third-party services that sell, trade, transfer or otherwise dispose of Robux. They will not support or be responsible for such transactions.

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Roblox Robux Gift Card

All you have to do:

  • Select Country
  • Fill out the form
  • And you can get a 125$ Robux for Roblox gift card