In the new DBZ Fortnite crossover, Goku is likely to be the next childhood hero to get a gun

The makers of Fortnite were so focused on whether or not they could that they forgot to consider whether or not they should. And now, after weeks of rumors, it’s official: Dragon Ball Z will take over Fortnite on August 16. After summoning Shenron, my first desire will be to erase the vision of Goku clutching an MK7 from my internet-pilled head.

Epic Games teased the revelation on Thursday with a single tweet featuring a golden silhouette of the mythological monster. The complete update and blog post describing how the new crossover event will function and how deep down the Dragon Ball rabbit hole it will travel will have to wait until August 16. At the absolute least, players will be able to gather the wish-granting Dragon Balls scattered across the area and execute a spirit bomb or two. Goku also shoots Captain America with an automatic weapon.

Since Fortnite leaker Shiina discovered a logo that looked closely like Bulma’s Capsule Corp in the game’s archives, speculation of a DBZ event has been rife. A few weeks later, probable skin names for Goku, Vageta, and Beerus seemed to have leaked. A fourth one used the term “Barium,” which some fans regarded as a reference to Bulma.

The timing was particularly appropriate given that the most recent picture, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, is due to make its North American premiere on August 18. Arc System Works also revealed at EVO 2022 that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be enhanced for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with rollback netcode coming to the new versions and PC in the future. Dragon Ball: Breakers, a new 1 vs. 7 asymmetrical horror game, will be released later this year.

Fortnite has also been quite active. With a mini-WWE crossover that extended to its other newly bought multiplayer games, Rocket League and Fall Guys, the ambitious metaverse drew in Metroid superfan John Cena. The battle royale has also gained new followers as a result of a mode that finally abandons the game’s strong but convoluted construction features.

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