Patrick Mahomes comes to Fortnite as the latest Icon Series skin

In Fortnite, Patrick Mahomes now has his own Icon Series skin.

Fortnite’s newest player is the Chiefs’ quarterback.

Now you can add Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, to your Fortnite roster as a playable skin, thanks to Epic Games’ addition of Mahomes to the Icon Series. In Fortnite, Mahomes is the latest celebrity to be immortalized in the game’s Icon Series outfits. In the past, Fortnite has included skins based on the likenesses of players like Neymar Jr., LeBron James, and Naomi Osaka. This Patrick Mahomes Icon Series entry marks the NFL’s first such entry.

Although he’s only been in the NFL for a few years thus far, Mahomes has already made quite a name for himself. Since joining the NFL in 2017, he’s earned a slew of honors, including the NFL MVP award, a Super Bowl championship, and more. Now he has his own own Fortnite skin to show off to the world. Mahomes gushed to Epic Games about his hands-on involvement in the creation of his Outfit, saying, “It was fantastic to be engaged in every step of the process.” Epic Games’ art department completely shattered our expectations.

New to Fortnite is quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

On August 24th, you may purchase Patrick Mahomes’ skin pack from the Fortnite Item Shop. Both the Gladiator Mindset and the Gameday Gladiator Styles are included in Mahomes’ package. Several more beauty products, such as:

Football helmet back bling: gridiron gladiator ready for combat (Included with the Patrick Mahomes outfit)
Blades Will Break Skillfully wielded pickaxe (emits a bright red light when swung)
Gear for your gear: the Endzone Elite Wrap
Showtime In-Game Emoticon: Victorious Again
Another Mahomes skin is coming to the Item Shop in addition to that set. Epic Games is launching the Mahomes Saucy Style Outfit and The Good Stuff Back Bling in the Item Shop as a nod to the quarterback’s viral ad in which he slathered ketchup on a steak. Below, you can see the skin and the bling on the back.

Fortnite Mahomes skin is coming to the Item Shop

Finally, gamers who don’t want to pay for the skins may win them in the Fortnite Patrick Mahomes Cup. The Zero Build Squads are the focus of this competition, which kicks off on August 23. Players and their squad may obtain the Patrick Mahomes uniform early if they achieve enough points. When a player reaches eight points, they are automatically awarded the free Secret Sauce Emoticon.

On August 23rd, players may participate in as many as ten matches within their time zone. If they do well enough in their area, they will get the skin. In a recent blog post, Epic Game explains how the game’s score is calculated.

Does Patrick Mahomes, a famous quarterback for the NFL, have a chance of obtaining a skin in Fortnite’s icon series?

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