How to tame Wildlife in a single match in Fortnite

How to tame wildlife in Fortnite in a single game

Embrace the wild as one!

Fortnite’s constantly changing gameplay and environments help it to remain one of the top battle royale games. The addition of wildlife to the map has made wandering more hazardous and advantageous for players. While the animals could try to hurt you inadvertently, they can also prove to be quite helpful by providing healing and a shield, a ride to safety from the storm, or even an ally against other players. Here are the greatest locations to locate them and some tips for taming them.

All Wildlife Locations in Fortnite

All Wildlife Locations in Fortnite

The accompanying map shows that there is a considerable number of wildlife dispersed around the area. Any biome or place can contain them as they rove around. The locations on the map correspond to where they typically spawn during each game. Search for the places with higher concentrations of animals if you wish to tame more than one in a single game. The ideal sites to search simultaneously for several species are as follows:

  • Rave Cave: north and south of the cave
  • Greasy Grove: west toward the coast and east toward Rocky Reels
  • Tilted Towers: south, southwest toward Reality Falls, and northeast toward Coney Crossroads
  • Rocky Reels: northeast toward Sanctuary
  • The Joneses: surrounding hills
  • Sleepy Sound: northwest toward the coast
  • Shifty Shafts: southern end toward Loot Lake
  • Lazy Lagoon: northwest toward Sleepy Sound

Tips for taming animals in Fortnite

tame Wildlife in Fortnite

In Fortnite, wildlife is initially hostile. They will attack if you approach them, and if they hit you numerous times, it might be fatal. If you can tame them, they’ll become friendly. Jumping on their backs is simply the easiest way to tame wildlife. You will have full control of them after you land on their backs and hearts will emerge in the air above them. Then you may utilize them to run faster over the map, leap higher, or even run into enemies. The taming effect won’t be reversed by jumping off of them. Until they are slain, they will continue to battle for you and follow you across the whole map.

Wildlife is not initially friendly in Fortnite

It would be simpler to initially divert them if you encounter several animals at once and try to tame them all. Animals can be distracted by food by being thrown down in their line of sight, such as fruit or vegetables. Wolves tend to choose meat over other consumables and are less easily distracted. A preoccupied animal will have question marks over its head, indicating that it is seeking for something to eat. This is the ideal time to leap on each of them and subdue them individually. The last animal you tame will become your property, so keep an eye out for any oncoming attacks from the others since you can only have one domesticated animal at a time.

Animals can help you escape from danger or enter the circle in time before the storm hits. They not only increase your speed by ten times, but they may also be vital friends who will battle and sacrifice themselves for you. They may mean the difference between success and failure. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want a nice, cuddly animal at their side?

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