How to get Active Mode Gyro’s on Fortnite

Fortnite v19.30

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch and Android had gyro-based motion controls before the release of v19.30, but this update brings more robust gyro controls to Fortnite on these two platforms plus PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

With gyro controls, you control the camera by turning the controller. Enable or disable gyro controls in Fortnite by going to the “Touch and Motion” tab of the settings. Gyro controls can offer more precision than standard stick aiming – but don’t have to replace it entirely. (With flick stick, for example, pointing the right stick moves the camera quickly in its direction.)


How Do Gyro Controls Work?


There are two separate ‘Active Mode’ settings. ‘Active Mode (Combat)’ refers to when you want gyro active while you’re in combat, while “Active Mode (Building)” refers to when you want gyro active while building or editing. Here are the selections for both.


Active Mode  – Combat

  • Scope Only: Gyro active only when aiming scoped weapons.
  • Scope or Aiming: Gyro active when aiming any weapon.
  • Scope, Aiming, Harvesting: Gyro active when aiming any weapon or swinging your Harvesting Tool.
  • Always: Gyro active whether or not you’re aiming a weapon or swinging your Harvesting Tool.

Active Mode  – Building 

  • None: Gyro active neither when building or editing.
  • Editing: Gyro active when editing but not building.
  • Always: Gyro active when either building or editing.


It’s also worth having a button bound for temporarily disabling gyro controls if you’re opting to have them on at all times. To do this, go to the look stick effect option or binding a control to the gyro modifier option.

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