Hidden Secret From The OG Fortnite map Chapter 3 Season 2 – Rock Family

The story of Rock Family from Chapter 1

It all started when a Stone Man and a Stone Lady appeared on the map during Chapter 1. Owing to the Volcano eruptions and lava, they could not meet and only waved at each other from a distance.

However, after several months of waiting, the two finally met and became a couple. They then moved to the eastern side of the island and happily lived with their Stone Child.

The Stone Child also went on its own adventure and found a Stone Dog who later saved him from falling off the edge of a cliff. At the end of Season 10, the stones disappeared but their story had a happy ending.

Although single members of the Rock Family have appeared in Fortnite on several occasions, the entire family hasn’t been seen together since Chapter 1 Season 10.

Where is the Rock Family in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2!

YouTuber EveryDayFN discovered the Rock Family near Condo Canyon recently. Several human-shaped stones are partially buried underground. They might not look like humans at the moment, but players can confirm this by going underneath the map.

While veterans are excited for the return of the Rock Family, here’s a summary of their adventure from Chapter 1 that will help newer players understand their significance.


In Chapter 3 Season 2, the parents, the kid, and the dog are finally reunited, and it is safe to assume that another chapter in their life is about to begin. Accordingly, loopers who love stories should keep an eye on the rocks near Condo Canyon.



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