Gil by Guilded - Guilded Roblox

Gil by Guilded Roblox Free Item – How to get the GIL BY GUILDED Bundle

Gil by Guilded Roblox – How to get FREE GIL BY GUILDED Bundle – How to connect Roblox on Guilded – Redeem Gil by guilded


Gil is a one-of-a-kind award for Roblox players who have connected their accounts with Guilded. This is a Guilded-only avatar.

Gil by Guilded – Roblox Guilded Roblox Bundle

How to get Free Gil by Guilded Roblox – Redeem GIL

  1. Access and download it on the device;
  2. Open App Gilded – Create an account – Select Roblox – Select Region;
  3. Access the profile Guilded:

4. Press Add Your Social Media:

5. Log in to your Roblox account and grant access to the Guilded application:


6. Enter the code received by message in the Guilded application at the web address

7. Done


Guilded is a VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform owned by Roblox Corporation and created by Guilded Inc. Users may engage in private conversations via phone calls, video calls, text messaging, and media files, making it a rival to another communication network known as Discord. It is headquartered in San Francisco.

The site is largely targeted towards video game communities, such as competitive gaming groups. It includes scheduling tools and integrated calendars for video gaming clans.

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