Fortnite’s New Geno Skin: Cost and Release Date!

Dataminers for the game have previously divulged Fortnite New Geno Skin leaks through surveys with its styles. Fortnite fans are excitedly anticipating the release of the New Geno Skin in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Geno skin resembles a blue-colored Armor costume with full-body heavy Armor feelings; also, many Fortnite players expected the New Geno skin to be frightening and ominous; yet, the geno skin is currently regarded by all Fortnite players as an innocent and nice skin.

How to Obtain the New Geno Skin for Fortnite?

Fortnite Geno Skin

So the much anticipated Fortnite skin leaks for Geno, the official commander of the Imagined order, are now out.

The upcoming addition to Fortnite’s item shop is anticipated to be a blue costume for the villainous and frightening Geno with an entirely different avatar. In addition, Fortnite’s New Geno skin might be unveiled, launched, unleashed, and published in the game via Epic Games’ Fortnite x Marvel Zero War comics collaboration.

The leaked Geno skins imply that he is weak, yet we all know how terrifying this fictional order gang’s king and boss Geno is; he even terrifies Fortnite’s seven.

Okay, now the white and blue colored intimidating Geno skin leaks are already hyping up the anticipation for all the Fortnite players, also, the New Geno skin styles and variants leaks by Fortnite gamers seem to be on par with the likes of doctor strange’s epic Loki character as well, let’s wait for more official news on this MCU king geno skin leaks.

Fortnite New Geno Skin Glitch!

The evil Geno skin leaks are already available to Fortnite players and users, and some Fortnite fans claim that the new Geno skin has a bug or error. However, for the time being, only the skin and variant leaks for the Geno character in Fortnite have been revealed, so let’s wait for the official new Geno skin release date from the Fortnite and Epic Games teams.

Fortnite’s New Geno Skin: Cost and Release Date


Epic Games will announce the official release date of the Geno skin for Fortnite players when the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 season is released next month, and the V-bucks price for this new exclusive Fortnite Geno skin may also be disclosed.

Geno skin’s official location on Fortnite’s map might be the realm, since it sparkles and terrifies enemies of Imagined order.

Fortnite Geno Skin Variations & Styles!

For the time being, just the survey skin leaks for the Geno character on Fortnite are available, with the possible versions and styles for the Geno skin on Fortnite being white and blue Armor outfits.

Even though this is not official, the blue armored and colored clothes and styles for the Geno have also been beautifully sketched and developed. In the next days, dataminers will reveal further Geno skin variants.

This concludes the latest Geno skin leaks. Fortnite, here at Gaming Acharya, awaits the official release date of the Geno skin in Fortnite, which might occur during the crossover event and Collab of Fortnite x Marvel Comics at the debut of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

First alleged photographs of Fortnite’s Geno are already floating online.


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