Fortnite Secret Skin - The Herald Skin

Unlock Secret Skin Fortnite – How to get The Herald Skin

Fortnite Secret Skin Season 4 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Season 4 of Fortnite has arrived, which means that you now have another opportunity to level up your Battle Pass and unlock new skins. In Season 4, as is the case with every season, there is a “secret” skin that owners of the Battle Pass may work towards obtaining throughout the course of the season. This season’s “secret” skin is The Herald.

Fortnite Secret Skin – The Herald

The Herald was originally mentioned as a mysterious character in Season 3, and it seems that they are to blame for all of the chrome that has spread around the island. The Herald may also be found on the map as a boss at their very own new point of attraction (POI).

How To Unlock The Herald Secret Skin

You must wait until at least week 4 of the next season to be eligible for the secret Battle Pass skin known as “The Herald.” This is around when we’ve seen these secret skins become available in previous seasons, so it’s not far off.

The makers of Fortnite made the following announcement on the game’s official blog: “For those who are loyal to the Chrome, don’t worry: The Herald becomes available to acquire later in the Season!”

This page will be updated as soon as the questline becomes accessible to the public.

Previously, Epic kept the identity of the secret skin a well guarded secret, but it now uses it as an obvious incentive to keep gamers interested. This season’s mystery skin will not be a crossover of any sort, making it the first of its kind in quite a few seasons.

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