Fortnite Level Up Quest Packs

 rewards unlockable monarchs level up quest pack

Fortnite reveals details surrounding its new Level Up Quest Packs, including exactly how they work and what players can expect.


Fortnite new Level Up Quest Packs are essentially exactly what they’re titled – a pack of quests that help players level up quickly. Players who purchase the new pack receive a new Outfit upon purchase, and will get seven weekly quests over four weeks, totaling 28 quests. Each Level Up Quest involves collecting a hidden Level Up Token on the Island. Players unlock a new cosmetic for completing all of a week’s quests, with the first pack featuring a Fortnite original character Monarch. Completing each individual Level Up Quest earns players a full level, with a potential extra 28 levels total.

Here are all the cosmetic rewards unlockable with the Quests in Monarch’s Level Up Quest Pack:

  • Week 1 Quests: Shattered Wings Back Bling
  • Week 2 Quests: Monarch’s Glow Wrap
  • Week 3 Quests: Golden Style of the Shattered Wings Back Bling
  • Week 4 Quests: Golden Style of the Monarch Outfit

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