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Fortnite Hulkbuster Skin – How to get Iron Man Zero?

Hulkbuster Skin – Iron Man Zero Bundle

Iron Man’s clothing seems to be modeled on the Hulkbuster suit, a superheavy powered armor built to go toe-to-toe with The Hulk. It seems to feature a somewhat distinct color scheme and numerous helmet options, maybe a more original-spec Iron Man helmet.

The Iron Man Zero package is expected to be released on September 28, 2022. The fifth and final volume of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War issue will be released on September 28th, and like with previous releases, the related item store bundle will be released on the same day or a few days later.

As of this writing, no official pricing has been released, but fans can anticipate the Iron Man Zero bundle to cost 1,800 V-Bucks, identical to the Spider-Man Zero bundle.

Fortnite leaker HypeX shared many images of Zero suit Iron Man, revealing what’s to come.

The Iron Man Zero skin should also be available for 1,500 V-Bucks individually.

How to Get Iron Man Zero New Outfit in Fortnite

All players that redeem codes 1-5 of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic will get the new Iron Man Zero costume as a free reward.

Each of these cartoons ends with a code that we must input on the Fortnite website. After we complete all five, we will get the Iron Man Zero suit for free from our Fortnite Locker, which we may wear anytime we want.

Iron Man Zero’s suit, along with his whole set, will be available for purchase (the comic book reward is just his skin and backpack). We don’t sure how much each item will cost just yet:

  • Iron Man Zero Skin
  • Iron Man, Revealed Emote
  • Repulsor Pack Back Bling
  • Zero War Frontlines Loading Screen
  • Bladed Gauntlet Pickaxe

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Where can I get Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War books and when can I get them?

Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Belgium (French community), Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, and the Vatican all have Fortnite x Marvel: Conflict Zero comics available.

Inquire about its availability at your local bookstore or newsstand, since no chain retailer has exclusive rights to its sale and distribution. Each copy of the comic book costs $5.99.

The following are the comic book publication dates:

  • Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War 1: June 2, 2022. Reward: Spider-Man Zero outfit
  • Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War 2: July 13, 2022. Reward: Iron Man-based Wrap.
  • Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War 3: August 17, 2022. Reward: Wolverine-based Pickaxe.
  • Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War 4: August 31, 2022. Reward: Spray based on Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War.
  • Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War 5: September 28, 2022. Reward: Loading Screen based on Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War.


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