For months, Fortnite has teased a Dragon Ball collaboration.

The geography of Fortnite is continually evolving, bringing new locations and POIs from famous properties. There have been speculations of a collaboration between Dragon Ball and Fortnite for weeks, but it now seems that signs have been there in the game for much longer. According to popular data miners, there has always been a spot in Fortnite that pointed to the collaboration.

Following the v21.30 update yesterday morning, several players reported finding a hidden capsule item somewhere on the map. Other artists indicated there was a point on the map that hinted to the collaboration, but they didn’t know where. Now, prominent Fortnite data miner HYPEX has uploaded a screenshot that looks much like a Dragon Ball Z mansion.

In the Dragon Ball world, the Kame Home is a modest house on a small island. Before Krillin and his family come in, it is Master Roshi’s residence. Most notably, it is situated on its own tiny island. A home in Fortnite that meets those criteria can be found north of the Foundation’s monument in Sanctuary.

The residence doesn’t appear like much right now, but according to HYPEX, fresh assets should arrive in the following weeks. According to HYPEX, the home might be the center of the Dragon Ball collaboration when it starts in the next week or two. Given that the event is meant to last seven weeks, it seems natural that the collaboration would begin when there are still seven weeks remaining in the season.

If this leak is accurate, it would be one of the longest Easter eggs in recent memory, raising worries about what else Epic Games may be teasing on the map.



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