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First alleged photographs of Fortnite’s Geno are already floating online.

Frequently, Fortnite’s backstory is murky, leaving many issues unresolved for months or even years. During the current run of the Fortnite and Marvel Zero War comics, which occurs during Chapter Three, season two, many of Fortnite’s greatest secrets have been revealed. It is reported that gamers will get their first peek at Fortnite’s main antagonist, Geno, in a forthcoming issue.

According to several data miners, the next Marvel x Fortnite Zero War No. 5 will contain the first verified close-up of Geno in the series. At the conclusion of Chapter Three, Season Two’s live event, players saw him, however he appeared as a black blob with brilliant glowing eyes. Geno appears to be a knight with jet-black hair that has a white streak running through it in these new pictures.

In addition to the leaked pages from the forthcoming comic, Epic Games recently revealed other skins that appear to correspond with the pages that were released. For example, the armors in the post by ShiinaBR appear to have identical marks. When compared to another skin from the most current poll, it is clear to see how the three photos may be connected.

Despite being younger, the guy on the left appears to be Geno, with his white hair streak and everything. The insignia on the chest matches the image on the alleged comic book page, further supporting the notion that this may be a younger version of Geno. If this is not Geno, then it is undoubtedly a related, whether a son or otherwise.

As Fortnite’s plot continues to develop, fans are sure to discover more about Fortnite’s main antagonist and the survey skin in the coming months.


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