Dragon Ball Rage Codes

Dragon Ball Rage Codes 2022 – (September)

Dragon Ball Rage Codes: Redeem for free rewards

  • 5x XP for 10 minutes

Enter the world of Dragon Ball Rage and fly through the air while charging up your ki and channeling your inner SSJ (Super Saiyan! Dragon Ball Z is a big inspiration for DBR, but you should put on your training shoes and try to be the strongest.

Use the Roblox Dragon Ball Rage codes below to get Zenkai, limited-time Experience Boosts, and even some stats to help you beat your enemies. Use a Zenkai boost to make your character stronger so you can fight your friends and enemies to see who is the strongest.

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Dragon Ball Rage codes (Active)

  • TEST—5x XP for 10 minutes (NEW)

Dragon Ball Rage codes (Expired)

  • idraciusB34c1
  • Sub2Metalizer – Redeem this code for 1 million stats
  • Ralex4ev3r – Redeem this code for 2x XP for 1 hour
  • D3V_4U – Redeem this code for 5x experience for 10 minutes
  • SUB2DANIELGT – Redeem this code for free Zenkai
  • S0rryGuys – Redeem this code for a free Zenkai
  • Sa1y4nB1zmo34 – Redeem this code for 2 hours of double stats

How to redeem Dragon Ball Rage codes

If you want to redeem codes in Dragon Ball Rage, look for the menu option in the top left corner of the screen, click on it, and then click on codes. Copy one of our codes and paste it into the box that says “Enter Code Here!” Once you’ve put in the code, all you have to do is click “Redeem” to get your reward.

What is Dragon Ball Rage?

Dragon Ball Rage is an online fighting game on Roblox where you can fight other people. Train your Stats, like Attack, Defense, Agility, and Energy, to learn new fighting techniques like the Kamehama x10 and become the ultimate warrior. Learn new ways to play, like Super Saiyan and SSJ Blue, and kill your enemies.

DBR is a risky game because you can’t train without getting attacked by your enemies. Will using a new special move give away your location? Or can you get through everything and be the strongest?

How To Get Dragon Ball Rage Codes?

We would want to make it clear that we do not create new Dragon Ball Rage codes; rather, the release of new codes is entirely at the discretion of the game’s creators. In most cases, fresh codes will be made available whenever there is a significant upgrade, event, festival, or achievement of a milestone. For instance, many Roblox game creators provide fresh codes each time their game reaches a new milestone in terms of the number of likes or views.

It is highly recommended that players follow the game’s official social media accounts on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Discord in order to stay up to speed on the latest code changes. The vast majority of Roblox game creators start their own Roblox Group, Discord server, or Twitter profile. You will not often come across the game’s profiles on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

That’s all we have for codes on this Dragon Ball Rage wiki. We give the most up-to-date information and coverage of Roblox game codes, so bookmark this page and share it with your friends. We will add additional codes to the list as they become available. You may also share codes that aren’t on the list above by leaving them in the comments area below.


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