Patrick Mahomes ICON Series leaked for Fortnite

Does Patrick Mahomes, a famous quarterback for the NFL, have a chance of obtaining a skin in Fortnite’s icon series?

We’re just three chapters into Season 3 of Fortnite, and Epic Games shows no signs of stopping down.

So far, the Summer Vibin’-themed season has been nothing short of a raging success, and it seems like another A-lister is going to join the revelry.

He’s a legend of the American football league and might be joining the Fortnite Icon Series shortly. Learn all you need to know about the possible Patrick Mahomes skin for Fortnite so you’re prepared for the arrival of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Popular among Fortnite gamers is the Icon series of skins. They are widely sought for in the Epic Games BR game, and their owners are streamers, influencers, content providers, and celebrities.

Skin update for Fortnite: Patrick Mahomes, August 17, 2022: Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR claims that a Patrick Mahomes ICON skin has been in development for some time. Since NFL cosmetics are allegedly making a return, this could be the perfect time to show off your skin.

The initial rumors were started when popular Fortnite leakers uploaded teasers hinting at the possible appearance of Patrick Mahomes as a new skin for players to acquire.

Previous collaboration between the NFL and Epic Games resulted in team-licensed clothing for use in the Fortnite video game.

Based of the rumors, this drop will center on Mahomes and his new unique Fortnite avatar. Although a specific date for the Patrick Mahomes drop has not been announced, it is expected to happen soon, according to several well-known Fortnite leakers.

Patrick Mahomes ICON Series leaked for Fortnite

An Adidas logo is the sole piece of information that has been revealed so far concerning the files containing Fortnite Patrick Mahomes data. The popular sportswear brand is one of Mahomes’ major sponsors.


A version of Mahomes “out of uniform” is possible in the forthcoming update, given that Fortnite already has generic NFL apparel. Fans have utilized the #15 as a way to experiment with a phony Mahomes suit by changing the jersey number in the Fortnite locker to match the skin’s NFL team.

Fortnite’s Icon Series has previously included skins for a number of sportsmen. Many well-known athletes, such as Neymar, Naomi Osaka, Marco Reus, and LeBron James, are referenced. There hasn’t been a Fortnite Icon skin based on an NFL player yet.

If the rumors about Patrick Mahomes making the elite list are accurate, he will be the first player from the National Football League to do so. However, due to the removal of the files containing his in-game data, players will have to wait a time before he can join other sports stars on the list of Fortnite Icons.



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