All Runaway Boulder Locations in Fortnite

Chapter 3: Season 3: How to Dislodge Runaway Boulders

Other players aren’t the only thing to worry about in Fortnite; you’ll also have to watch out for animals, twisters, and huge rocks rolling down from the slopes. Fortnite’s continued success can be attributed to the developers’ willingness to listen to player feedback and implement changes to keep the game fresh. The presence of such elements need not necessarily strike terror into the hearts of players. They have access to all the features on the map and can utilize them to their advantage. One method players may employ the map’s Runaway Boulders is by dislodging them and sending them tumbling down the hill toward their unsuspecting opponents. Here’s the method!

All Runaway Boulder Locations in Fortnite

All Runaway Boulder Locations in Fortnite

Outside of the desert biome, runaway boulders may be found just about anywhere on the world. They are typically situated on prominent geographical features, such as hills or mountains, from which they might ambush unsuspecting foes below. The places where you may locate them are listed below.

  • Seven Outpost II: surrounding mountains, northwest of Logjam Lotus
  • Logjam Lotus: northeast toward the coast and southwest toward Rave Cave
  • Shifty Shafts: north hilltop
  • Rave Cave: hills on both sides and east toward Shifty Shafts
  • Reality Falls: surrounding hills and south toward Greasy Grove
  • Greasy Grove: west toward the coast, the surrounding hills, and southeast toward Synapse Station
  • Tilted Towers: surrounding hills
  • Coney Crossroads: north hilltop
  • The Joneses: east hilltop and south toward Condo Canyon
  • Sanctuary: west hilltop, south toward Shuffled Shrine, and north toward Lazy Lagoon
  • Lazy Lagoon: hills northeast toward the coast
  • Sleepy Sound: south hilltop and northeast toward the coast

Instructions for moving large rocks in Fortnite

In order to use Runaway Boulders to your advantage, you may knock them loose in a number of ways. A pickaxe is the simplest tool to use. Depending on the game system you’re using, the following buttons will allow you to equip your pickaxe: Use Y for Xbox, Triangle for PlayStation, and F for PC. Get up close with your harvesting tool and smash the rocks below the boulder, sending it rolling in the other way. A swing or two should be enough to knock it out of the way, but you can check its progress on the “health bar” that appears. The boulder will become loose and roll once the base has been demolished.

There will be times when you won’t have time to grab your pickaxe and start swinging because of an oncoming enemy. But, don’t worry yourself silly about it. Even with your weapon drawn, you can remove Runaway Boulders. You may forego the pickaxe and just aim at the rocks at the base. Similar to the other approach, it will finally break free and start rolling while revealing a health bar. This is a fantastic strategy for distracting or eliminating adversaries underneath you.

What are Runaway Boulders?

Large, spherical boulders known as Runaway Boulders are typically surrounded by smaller stones. They may be discovered on numerous hills and mountains in Fortnite, and after being dislodged, they can be rolled about the map. When they land on an opponent’s head, especially from above, they can cause serious injury. They can be useful during the game if you need a place to hide, want to do a fast task, or want to kill an unsuspecting adversary.

Depending on whether a runaway boulder rolls in your direction or not, its impact on the outcome of the game will vary. Regardless, it’s tempting to try to remove that rocky trap if you ever come across one. The ultimate triumph might be yours with its aid. Speculation is always welcome!


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