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With the release of Chapter 3, many Fortnite players have wondered what skins they should get during this season. There are many skins that Fortnite players can get by leveling up their Battle Pass, but it can be difficult to choose which one to get because each one looks so unique and appealing. This article will list some of the best Chapter 3 gift Fortnite items you should be on the lookout for a while playing this season’s challenges.

1) Other random items

Just another item, which may be a trap or health kit or some trinket. There are only 15 other items in chapter three (as opposed to 90 in each of chapters one and two), so we’re not going to include them all here; we also want you to have fun discovering new weapons, traps, and consumables for yourself. Instead, let’s talk about what isn’t included: any weapon other than your trusty pickaxe. The ax-on-pickaxe trick will still work, but it’s as easy to use your axe and shield combination if you prefer that style—for most players, it’ll work out fine against zombies.

2) Skins (Rare, Epic, and Legendary)

These are cosmetic changes to your character that alter its look. As you level up, your character gains style points which can be used to unlock different styles for each item of clothing. In rare cases, you can get a free skin for achieving high scores in certain challenges and missions. Look on various message boards, Twitter feeds, and Reddit threads to stay updated on everything new in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Skins are typically tied to specific seasons or events like holidays (Halloween and Christmas), so make sure you have them unlocked before they end!

3) Gliders

Gliders are a unique piece of equipment in that they can’t be found in a battle royale. They’re a special weapon and can only be obtained from opening supply drops. Now, before you get too excited, gliders aren’t for regular free-falling—you can’t just drop out of a tree with one and expect to glide around. You still have to deploy them when you hit terminal velocity; however, that makes them an especially fun addition to Battle Royale. There’s just something about gliding past other players like Batman or Superman that gets me every time.

4) Wraps

With Wraps, you surprise a friend with any Battle Pass skin. All they have to do is enter their username, and it will automatically be sent to them in-game. You can also opt for an upgraded version of Wraps that comes with your friend’s favorite emotes, gliders, and other cosmetics. If you want a certain Battle Pass item but don’t feel like playing enough matches or earning lower-level tiers, you can purchase those items directly from its in-game store. Visit the Featured section of a week’s challenges to see if anything catches your eye!

5) Emotes

Emotes are a bit different than skins in that they can be used anywhere and do not impact gameplay. (Beware, though, as you won’t be able to use emotes while competing in a match.) Some are better than others, so here are my top five picks for Chapter 3 gifts based on how frequently I use them: When Storm Watch was introduced a few weeks ago, it was extremely hard to find and earned through Battle Pass challenges instead of V-Bucks. Thankfully, Epic has made it available in free limited-time packs since then! I’ve gotten quite a few of these skins for free over time.