How to earn all Lantern Trials rewards – Fortnite

  The Lantern Trials event has a variety of brand new emoticon rewards, and some other in-game cosmetics. Completely for free, too. You’d be a fool not to get involved. There are five days that you can use to participate in the Lantern Trials event, and one of them has already gone, so make sure to log in now to get started! Register your involvement in the event by logging into your Epic account on the Fortnite.     Each day has a unique cosmetic for you to earn, but don’t worry, you can still earn any cosmetics you’ve missed on the fifth … Continuă să citești How to earn all Lantern Trials rewards – Fortnite

Wu Tang Fortnite

The partnership arrives during a time when a growing number of artists and brands have turned to gaming as a means of reaching a younger audience. Colaborarea jocului cu Wu-Tang Clan marchează unul dintre cele mai recente eforturi ale unui grup muzical, care este, de asemenea, un brand în sine, de a profita de acoperirea extinsă a Fortnite în comunitatea de jocuri, care este compusă în mare parte din mileniali și generații. Zers. “Fortnite has been in my household for years,” the RZA — one of the members of the Wu-Tang Clan — said in a statement. “It’s been a … Continuă să citești Wu Tang Fortnite

Is Fortnite based on a true Story

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world right now, but it turns out that it might not be what you think. Some people have been saying that Fortnite is based on a true story, and while this might seem like a joke, there are actually some people who believe it. Epic Games has left many people wanting to know if Fortnite is based on a true story. But the question remains: is it true or not? The Epic Games team has confirmed that it’s fiction, but we get asked this question in most of our interviews, … Continuă să citești Is Fortnite based on a true Story

Hidden Secret From The OG Fortnite map Chapter 3 Season 2 – Rock Family

The story of Rock Family from Chapter 1 It all started when a Stone Man and a Stone Lady appeared on the map during Chapter 1. Owing to the Volcano eruptions and lava, they could not meet and only waved at each other from a distance. However, after several months of waiting, the two finally met and became a couple. They then moved to the eastern side of the island and happily lived with their Stone Child. The Stone Child also went on its own adventure and found a Stone Dog who later saved him from falling off the edge … Continuă să citești Hidden Secret From The OG Fortnite map Chapter 3 Season 2 – Rock Family

Fortnite Level Up Quest Packs

Fortnite reveals details surrounding its new Level Up Quest Packs, including exactly how they work and what players can expect.   Fortnite new Level Up Quest Packs are essentially exactly what they’re titled – a pack of quests that help players level up quickly. Players who purchase the new pack receive a new Outfit upon purchase, and will get seven weekly quests over four weeks, totaling 28 quests. Each Level Up Quest involves collecting a hidden Level Up Token on the Island. Players unlock a new cosmetic for completing all of a week’s quests, with the first pack featuring a … Continuă să citești Fortnite Level Up Quest Packs

Fortnite Voting Starts now in the NBA 75 All-Star Hub

Epic Games worked with Atlas Creator to construct a Creative Hub dedicated to the NBA’s 75th Anniversary. Dubbed the NBA 75 All-Star Hub, players can load into this area to explore basketball courts, photo booths and lounge areas while viewing legendary NBA moments. The All-Star Hub is now live in-game until 10 AM ET on February 23. Remember to cast your vote for the emote contest when browsing through the NBA 75 Hub. Continuă să citești Fortnite Voting Starts now in the NBA 75 All-Star Hub

Fortnite Close Encounters Quests

  Once you’ve selected the official Fortnite Close Encounters mode from the Discovery page, you can take on the three quests associated with it which are listed below: 1. Eliminate two player opponents within 30 seconds of each other in Close Encounters (1) 2. Get an elimination with 10 or fewer players remaining in Close Encounters (1) 3. Deal damage to opponents from above in Close Encounters (100) Beating these will award you with 12K, 14K, and 10K XP respectively, and there’s an 18K XP bonus for completing all three Fortnite Close Encounters Quests. This means a cool 54K XP … Continuă să citești Fortnite Close Encounters Quests

How to get Active Mode Gyro’s on Fortnite

Fortnite v19.30 Fortnite on Nintendo Switch and Android had gyro-based motion controls before the release of v19.30, but this update brings more robust gyro controls to Fortnite on these two platforms plus PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. With gyro controls, you control the camera by turning the controller. Enable or disable gyro controls in Fortnite by going to the “Touch and Motion” tab of the settings. Gyro controls can offer more precision than standard stick aiming – but don’t have to replace it entirely. (With flick stick, for example, pointing the right stick moves the camera quickly in its … Continuă să citești How to get Active Mode Gyro’s on Fortnite