Blox Fruits LVL Up Guide

Blox Fruits LVL Up Guide – Level up fast

Blox Fruits LVL Up Guide Fast:

The guide is designed for both newbies and experts so it’s accessible for all levels. You’ll find step-by-step instructions and handy tips for leveling up.

You will need to level up your character in addition to selecting the greatest fruits available in the game. You will have the ability to discover an increasing number of areas and fight adversaries of comparable power if you go in this manner. Read this tutorial to learn how to swiftly advance your character’s level and find out what you need to do. You can find our Blox Fruits leveling guide as well as other helpful tips and techniques further down the page.


LVL UP Tips 1  – Use Blox Fruits Codes


Make advantage of our array of Blox Fruits Codes (updated periodically with active codes):

Blox Fruits Codes – Roblox BF Codes (September 2022)

Do not disregard the codes, since they enable you to magnify your experience by many orders of magnitude. This means you may level up your character more quickly and efficiently than normal.


It goes without saying that in order to continue through the tale and become a pirate king, you must fulfill a variety of objectives. As a result, it is highly encouraged that you do not accept any tasks that are higher than your current level. It’s also worth noting that you can’t take on many tasks at the same time. You must first accomplish the first quest before proceeding to the second. Otherwise, your first mission will be canceled.


In Blox Fruits, you play the role of a pirate, and just like any other pirate, you have to sail from island to island in search of treasure. You will go to a number of the islands dotted over the map as you make more progress. On each island, there are some spots that need a certain level to access. Therefore, if your level is lower than the levels listed above, you will not be able to successfully complete missions in locations such as the Fountain City (about 625-700 levels), for example. This is because the requirements for completing quests in this place are higher.

First sea

  • Starter Pirate Island: 0-10 Level
  • Starter Marine Island: 0-10 Level
  • Jungle: 15-30 Level
  • Pirate Village: 30-60 Level
  • Desert: 60-90 Level
  • Frozen Village: 90-120 Level
  • Middle Island: 100 Level
  • Marine Fortress: 120-150 Level
  • Skylands: 150-200 Level
  • Prison: 190-275 Level
  • Colosseum: 225-300 Level
  • Magma Village: 300 Level
  • Underwater City: 375-450 Level
  • Fountain City: 625-700 Level

Sea 2

  • The Cafe: Safe zone
  • Usoap’s Island: 700 Level
  • Kingdom of Rose: 700-850 Level
  • Green Zone: 875-925 Level
  • Graveyard: 950-975 Level
  • Mansion: 1000 Level
  • Dark Arena: 1000 Level
  • Snow Mountain: 1000-1050 Level
  • Cursed Ship: 1000-1325 Level
  • Hot and Cold: 1100-1200 Level
  • Ice Castle: 1350-1400 Level
  • Forgotten Island: 1425-1475 Level

Sea 3

  • Castle on the Sea: Safe zone
  • Port Town: 1500-1575 Level
  • Hydra Island: 1575-1675 Level
  • Great Tree: 1700-1750 Level
  • Floating Turtle: 1775-2000 Level
  • Haunted Castle: 1975-2075 Level
  • Sea of Treats: 2075-2275 Level

Don’t simply sit on one island collecting XP and quests. There are various islands to play on in Blox Fruits, so don’t restrict yourself. If you find yourself spending time on a quest, you might try bouncing around to various islands.

Blox Fruits LVL Up Tips 4 – Make use of Stats Points

Gaining stat points is an important aspect of leveling up since they determine how quickly and how hard you can kill adversaries.

Many new players make the mistake of allocating their stat points anywhere they like, but the best places to put them are Melee and Defense. If you don’t have access to Logia Fruit, many Blox Fruit players recommend putting points into your Blox Fruit stat instead. There’s also a Gun stat, although firearms here aren’t built for grinding. Used mostly in player against player combat, it has the ability to temporarily stun foes. No reason to invest in the Guns stat unless you plan on using them to concentrate a large number of foes in one area so that you can kill them quickly and effortlessly.

Blox Fruits LVL Up Guide Tips 5 – SAVE MONEY

If you’re starting out in a game, it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that your bankroll is rather healthy. There will be a gradual depletion of your financial resources over time. If you want to buy Light, Magma, Ice, Dark, etc., you need save up for it. A Human Buddha is the finest choice. Selecting these berries will assist your grinding and leveling up efforts.

Blox Fruits LVL Up TIPS 6 – Focus on Attack, Not Defense

It’s typically a good idea to give your warrior a well-rounded foundation of skills. This might be a hindrance if your main goal is to advance in levels, however. Focusing on improving your attack via means like melee will help you gain levels much more swiftly.

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